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Vegas Knights - Matt Forbeck The story meanders a bit to start with and the main plot doesn't really get going until you're well into the second half of the book. This is great if you like reading about college kids living it large (magically) in Vegas, but not so much if you're me. There's also a part where the author appears to claim (could be a prose issue) that a straight beats a full house....At times Vegas Knights wants to be a modern pulp adventure, but other times it seems to take itself incredibly seriously. The protagonist's memories of Hurricane Katrina are tragic and affecting, but the balance didn't entirely work for me.The last quarter is much stronger with a lot of fun action and the characters really come into their own. The final scenes force some really creative and tragic decisions on the protagonist. Then it ends. Quite abruptly. I'm assuming there will be a sequel.In summary: I almost gave up on this one around the halfway mark, but I'm glad I didn't.